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Igniting Purposeful Play Makes Playtime More Effective!
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Purposeful Play Allow Children To Explore And To Use Their Creativity And Imagination While Developing Skills Set!
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Providing An Organized Play Space With Purposeful Play Materials To Extend Your Child’s Learning!
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About us

Welcome to Jus Infants PlayHouse, a nurturing space designed for your precious ones aged 2 to 24 months. Our Eduplay program transcends ordinary playgroups, weaving together laughter, discovery, and early development in an environment tailored just for them.
At Jus Infants PlayHouse, we cherish the uniqueness in every little mind, laying the groundwork for a future where boundless curiosity is celebrated. Join us on this journey, and witness the enchanting growth and exploration of your child.

Why us

Embark on a Dynamic Learning Adventure

Immerse your child in the power of play with our dynamic Eduplay program, igniting social interaction and cognitive brilliance in those precious early moments.

Assured Safety

Our play environment is more than secure; it’s a reassuring haven where your infant’s well-being is our unwavering priority.

Joyful Growth Ahead

Envision a future where your little one not only learns but joyously conquers milestones. Jus Infants PlayHouse ensures positive growth, creating the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Introducing Jus Infants Play Bistro

Coming Soon!
“Specially crafted for Babies and Tots!”
Savor the symphony of flavors at Jus Infants Play Bistro, where every bite is crafted for tiny tastebuds. Our bistro is exclusively designed for babies and tots, and we extend a warm welcome to parents to savor a taste from their plate too! Additionally, our dedicated play space transforms post-meal moments into joyful adventures for the little ones. Swing over and experience the best of both worlds—delightful bites and playful moments—at Jus Infants Bistro.”

Testimonials - 💯% Authentic

We remain Grateful for our parents’ unwavering support over the past decade and beyond!

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